The above footage was captured from the Prototype of Legend of Sparta, it is not representative in any of the quality intended from the final product.

Studio Mistral is an exciting new videogames studio based in France. With a healthy mix of seasoned professionals and creative newcomers, the Studio Mistral team is tackling ambitious new projects working with the cutting edge technology of Unreal Engine 5.


Legend of Sparta

Legend of Sparta is an action-adventure fighting game with light RPG elements where the player takes on the role of an elite Spartan warrior fighting the Persian horde during the famous battle of Thermopylae. Each player will have the freedom to create their own unique Spartan warrior by choosing from a diverse set of weapons, armor, strikes and special skills (including the iconic Phalanx configuration).


A Modern Action-Adventure Game with RPG Elements

Fight in the Historical Battle of Thermopylae

Use Army Tactics Like the Phalanx

Craft and Upgrade Weapons and Armor

Complex Levels with Multiple Types of Enemies

Fight Bosses and Mini-Bosses with Unique Combat Styles